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Introduction to using Bitbase

As a user of Bitbase you have been given an "account". You have received a "username" (probably by email), and a password (probably by cellphone text message).

The password you received has only a short lifespan, and must be changed soon.

Pick a good password

Invent something impossible to guess, yet easy to remember.

Suggestion: Think of a phrase - e.g. a poem or a song. Pick first letter of each word. Add a number. Gibberish in itself, but easy (for you) to remember/recreate.

Save your password in your head only

Your password is strictly personal.

If you loose or reveal your password, a new one is created for you (and texted to you, if your cellphone number is known to the system).

Change your password

Change your password here:

Go explore!

See intro to start using email.

See account for an overview of possible usage of your account.

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