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Setting up your personal Bitbase email account

As a user at Bitbase you have been given a single account. Tied to this account is an email address (or perhaps more than one).

All incoming emails are delivered to the inbox of your personal account (ie. same location no matter if you have more addresses attached).

Webmail setup

Webmail is probably the simplest way to reach your emails. Somewhat like HoTMaiL but without advertisements and with fewer spam mails.

The website offers several webmail applications, each with different strengths and weaknesses. The topmost application, IMP, is recommended, due to its most complete functionality. It provides access to changing your account password. Same website also lists some alternative websites also offering webmail access to Bitbase accounts. Save those addresses on your own computer, for the case of the primary website one day being out of order.

Entering webmail, step by step:

  1. Go to
  2. Pick the topmost webmail application, IMP.
  3. Login using your personal username and password

Recommended setup of local email program

If you have a computer of your own, it is recommended to use a "real" email application instead webmail. It works faster and is more stable. It is also puts less burden on the server.

When creating your account, you are usually guided by a "wizard". The wizard asks for the account type, username and server names, but typically ignores security. So most probably you will have to finish the wizard and afterwards manually enter "advanced settings" and enable the improved security.

When you enable the improved security, the email application might complain that it does not trust the mail server. You then need to accept the "cercurity certificate" of the server. This works smoothly with Mozilla Thunderbird. For other programs you may need to read external guides - see bottom of this page.

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